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«Symphony 1» is leader in the «Return since the beginning of the year» category rankings by Investfunds-Ukraine.

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«Amadeus», the asset management company, informs that as of 31.07.2007 the Net Assets Value (NAV) per 1 share of «Symphony 1» the closed-end non-diversified corporate investment Fund, reached UAH 29,051.64 achieving an outstanding 122,32% ROI since the beginning of the year. Such remarkable performance allowed the Fund to lead in the «Return since the beginning of the year» category rankings put out by Investfunds-Ukraine, the informational web portal (www.investfunds.com.ua). The NAV per 1 share of the first and only in Ukraine PFTS Index Fund for individual investors - «Amadeus-Index PFTS» reached UAH 8,550.32 showing a whooping 71% ROI since its inception (15 March 2007). The Fund is still open to individual as well as institutional investors who can purchase Fund's shares at their NAV (1084 shares with UAH 5000 par value have been placed so far). Registered in March 2005, the asset management company «Amadeus» manages two public closed-end non-diversified corporate investment funds «Symphony 1» and «Amadeus-Index PFTS» with combined NAV exceeding UAH 30 millions.